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Guide to the Best Way to Sanitize Sex Toys

To minimize bacterial infection or the transfer of STIs, sex toys must be cleaned properly. While some STIs die once the fluid in which they live dries up, others (such as hepatitis and scabies) can survive outside the body for weeks or months.

It's critical to retain and carefully follow the cleaning directions for the sex toy. Consider purchasing a new toy if you believe that cleaning the toy correctly would be time-consuming or unrealistic for you.

Vibrators, dildos, and anal toys come into direct touch with biological fluids, so knowing how to clean them properly is crucial. The best way to sanitize sex toys doesn't have to be difficult, but the repercussions of not doing so can be disastrous.

This blog post is intended to provide a general overview of the best way to clean sex toys and is not intended to replace the manufacturer's instructions.

Almost any form of sex toy can be washed on the surface with liquid soap and water, and then air-dried. However, there will be times when it is preferable to disinfect your toys more thoroughly.

Remove any batteries for basic toy care. Electrical components should never be submerged in water. Clean your electric toys with a damp, soapy clean cloth, preferably with antibacterial soap. Toys should be kept in a container or bag (to keep them clean) and kept cold and dry. These are some of the basics of the best way to clean sex toys.

How long will it take to clean the sex toys?

Depending on the approach you use, cleaning times will vary. Expect to spend one to three minutes each toy surface-cleaning, not including air-drying time. Expect to spend extra three minutes disinfecting a toy if you plan to boil it. It takes about 10 minutes to sterilize toys by bleaching them. Plan for a full-rinse cycle if you choose to use a dishwasher (yes, you can in some situations) (timing may vary).

What is needed for the best way to clean sex toys?

For surface cleaning

  • Water

  • Soap: Castile soap or liquid hand soap is recommended. It's acceptable to use antibacterial soap, but it's not required. Dish soaps and other harsh soaps should be avoided.

  • Clean wash cloths or Paper towels: To air-dry toys after washing, use paper towels or clean washcloths.

For a thorough cleaning

  • Boiling water pot: You can disinfect a variety of toys by first surface-cleaning them and then immersing them for a few minutes in boiling water.

  • Bleach, as well as a spray bottle (or another container for a bleach solution): Most pathogens on your toys will be killed by boiling and bleaching, but not all.

  • Dishwasher: Double-check that your dishwasher has disinfection settings. Otherwise, boiling or bleaching your toys is a better option.

  • Clean washcloths or paper towels: Use these to air-dry toys after they've been cleaned.

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The best rule says for sex toys and safety says listen to your body.

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